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Dive deep into self-discovery and better relationships with our 7-module video course, "Enneagram Insights." Get to know the 9 Enneagram types and what makes each one tick.


Module 1: Understanding the Enneagram 

Learn why the Enneagram differs from other tools—it uncovers the 'why' behind behaviors, revealing unique motivations. Resist typing others and focus on your own path. Understand that all types are valuable, forming a connected circle of strengths 


Module 2: Exploring the Enneagram Types 

Dive into the nine Enneagram personality types, each with distinct patterns and characteristics. Celebrate each member's strengths and contribute to a thriving, diverse team culture. Uncover your own motivations and fears, paving the way for personal growth. 

Module 3: Centers of Expression 

Explore three powerful centers: the Head (thinkers), Heart (feelers), and Body (doers). Discover how these centers shape our perceptions and interactions. Understanding these centers unveils individual strengths and challenges, fostering balanced teamwork. 

Module 4:  Mastering Team Communication 

Effective communication is the lifeblood of any team, and the Enneagram offers insights into our unique communication styles, motivations, and fears. Discover tailored approaches for each Enneagram type to level up your team's communication game. 


Module 5: Building Trust 

Building trust is essential for a happy culture and healthy relationships. Avoid trust-diminishing behaviors, such as dismissing feelings or neglecting boundaries. Learn how to foster empathy and open up communication and nurture a more cohesive and productive team. 

Module 6:  Conflict Resolution 

Mastering conflict resolution is crucial for team cohesion. Discover each Enneagram type's strengths, challenges, and triggers in conflict situations. Learn tailored approaches for navigating conflicts effectively and find solutions that benefit everyone. 

Module 7: Creating Resilience 

Discover the power of resilience within each Enneagram type. Dive into practical strategies for enhancing resilience through body, heart, and mind. Unleash your inner resilience and face challenges head-on with newfound strength and determination. 


Initial Membership to this course is for 1 full year with a discounted renewal rate of only $49.00 each year after.  Members can cancel membership at any time.